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Did the UNITED STATES scam the Republic of BOLIVIA?

And the treaty that authorizes the USA to execute Operation Condor does not even legally exist. Mrs. X: Kills me how your government let my government get away with not giving you your copy of the 1855 treaty. Mrs. X: Evo needs to put the US on notice. Dario Busch: Evo is now the president of the party that is in power, MAS, so he remains the boss. Dario Busch: The current president is merely a party member, Evo's former secretary of finance. Mrs. X: International law requires us to give you your original treaty but we still have it; that puts us in the driver's seat. Dario Busch: Evo will always be Evo. Mrs. X: He needs to make us give it to him. Mrs. X: Here it is Dario Busch: Emailed you access to your Gmail. Mrs. X: Yes it states that there were two originals written in English and Spanish; the one in Spanish was to remain with your government but we took i

The USA is not The Empire

I showed "Mrs. X" this interview with Bolivia`s former president, Evo Morales. Evo says that "The war in Ukraine is the same old "The Empire (USA) against the people". Mrs. X replied: Well, a very interesting interview, I agree in part and disagree in part. I think that Evo is confused about who the “Empire” is; it’s not the US anymore, it’s the UN. The USA are mere puppets for the UN, so to single the USA out as the bad guys is not the truth. The One World Order is “the Empire” and they are made up of multinational corporations which violate the tenants of Laissez-Faire capitalism which prohibits corporate monopolies. “Laissez-Faire" is a policy of minimum governmental interference in the economic affairs of individuals and society. The term laissez-faire means, in French, "allow to do". This is what the Republic believed in Globalists believe in corporate government controlling all the wealth and resources on the planet. The Republic wants a